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Armory Bracelet

Regular price $260.00

* This listing is for a piece that in progress.  It may vary slightly from shown, but I will make it as close to this as possible.  Happy to provide photos prior to shipping.  The extra heavy-duty "cuff" portion or part that goes around your wrist is the same.  The mini hardware may vary slightly. I have had this on my "to-do list" for a few weeks.  But I wasn't sure if  I should make another.  So this way I leave it up to you all. If someone claims this listing, I will move it up and complete it right away.  If not, I will most likely push it to the back of the list and finish it at a much later date.  Maybe in a few months' time.

This update is split between darkling goth vibes and one-of-a-kind hinged bangle bracelets.  I am working my way thru my in-progress pieces and peppering in new designs as inspiration strikes.  So you may see some items that look familiar from my story.  As always, the most requested are pushed to the front of my "to-do list".  So keep the requests coming.

These bracelets are designed to be easy to put on and take off one-handed while staying securely on your wrist.  See my story for a video of me doing just that. This grouping is a prime example of how one design has unlimited variations, resulting in each incarnation being one of a kind.

This is the most heavy-duty bracelet of the bunch.  It has the most silver content and is the most rigid.  more.

Material Composition:  Sterling Silver & CZ

Measurements:  7.25" (if you are a 7" wrist or smaller, this will be the best fit, to give you enough room to maneuver the hinge.)

+ + Please allow 7 to 10 business days for made-to-order items.  If at all possible, I will try to ship sooner.  But the extra time allows for supplies to arrive and studio time.  During busy times, it may take an extra day or so.  But I am always happy to update you on progress or answer any questions at all. + +