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The phrase monstra te esse matrem is Latin and means (loosely translates to say something like "that you are a mother". Congregation des enfants de Marie is French for the congregation of the children of Marie The reverse of each of these individually engraved with a date and name.  There is 1 extra special blank one, for you to have your own child's date and name engraved.

These were typically worn to celebrate the birth of a child.

I have always had a deep fascination with Antiques.  Who hands had touches these?  What lives did they live, who were they?  Did they love?  Were they loved?  Were they important to all or just a few?

I love the idea of creating new heirloom pieces.  Pieces that are passed down from generation to generation.  No necessarily due to my name being famous, but the item itself was made with such love and care, that its craftsmanship warranted it becoming an heirloom.  Even better is when I can find sterling or gold Antiques and breath new life into them.

Metal: Sterling

Measurements:  2 1/" long by 1" wide, approx including the bail

Chain: 18" Vegan Cord