Koroit Opal

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As a Libra, I can never have enough Opals.  Unusual Opals that are as vast and varied as a Koroit Opal, sign me up!  This set of quadruplets are all made using the same materials, but the uniqueness of the natural stone, makes them all look so different. 

As with any Opal, the fire is best viewed in direct sunlight.

The bail is a little bit of an industrial edge to an otherwise feminine gold lace setting.  A mix of all my favorite things.

Koroit Opal refers to Opal that comes from a particular area in Queensland. They are famous for their deep, strong ironstone (brown matrix) with stunning patterns and inclusions of color. They are also generally larger-sized Opals and are considered the best value for money Opal available.

* I have shown all 4 opals together for comparison. You will receive the pendant in all the other pics. *

100% Sterling silver and 14K GF

Measurements: 1.75" long including the bail X .7" wide