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Sparta, Double Sided Skull filigree Pendant

Regular price $150.00

Matte or Polished?  You decide

Allow me to introduce my newest obsession.  I have always tried to be open about my mental health journey.  I suffer from severe ADHD and am incredibly right-brained.  Which means I am more prone to depression and anxiety.  So I always feel as if I am figuring out an internal battle with intrusive thoughts.  Which I try to channel into my artwork.  So when you see a warrior or some sort of fighter.  They represent the inner battle we all struggle with to some degree or another to be a better person and overcome our demons.  I don't battle with my demons any longer.  Now we just snuggle and create art. ;-)

I created a gender-neutral all silver, no sparkle design entirely in ZBrush.  I designed him and had him cast in steering silver.  

He's double-sided.  One side shows the visage of a Greco-Roman Warrior or Gladiator.  The other has an anatomical skull to represent the brutal reality of a war-torn life.  

We are all fighting battles that no one else can see.  Be gentle with your inner voice, but remember your empowered strength.  

There is a sister piece to Sparta.  She features a full anatomical skull w no face.  And is available to purchase separately.  

Materials:  Sterling

Measurements:  1 1/4" tall by 5/8" wide.  All pendant pricing includes a sterling silver chain, from 13" to 22" with a 4" extender.  This particular one will also include an 18" black vegan cord.  That can be doubled up and worn as a jelly bracelet.