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Unseelie Queen, Art Nouveau Sterling Silver handmade pendant

Regular price $380.00

one-of-a-kind (look for the coordinating set of ear jewelry to finish your look)

Materials:  Sterling Silver

Measurements:  1 1/2" tall by 1 1/8" wide. 

As seen in the previews on ig.  I had this idea to make a trio of fairies from light to dark.  Because of my Libra nature, I always prefer to create a balance.  So if I go dark, I also try to make the counterpart in a lighter version. I knew I wanted to do a darker dragon wing version.  But I wanted her to be unique in her own way.  So I gave her 4 wings vs the the typical 2, I wanted her to give dragonkind and not just bat wings.  And we all know my long sordid love affair with all things dark and elegant.

Each of the trio of Fairy Queens took a ton of work to make.  I even gave each one a little itty bitty antenna.  I can probably build another from scratch, but if I do, it will be different so each will be one of a kind.  These are going to spin on your when worn.  So the back is finished and the bail is kept as minimal as possible.  I would hang her from an ornament hanger when not worn on your dresser or vanity.