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Purple Opal

Regular price $204.00

Did you know my love affair with Opals started as a child?  My Great Aunt Memble is such an interesting and wonderful Lady.  She always had gorgeous jewelry.  She would wear at least 2 Opal rings daily. She taught me about birthstones and the different grades of Opals, and where in the world that came from.  Aunt Memble and my extended family in the mountains of California, near Mariposa, we toured a defunct gold mine.  My beloved Grandma Billie said the mine was owned by my Great Aunt Helen's, Daughter Annette's, Husband's family.  How's that for some convoluted 6 degrees of separation.  Jewelry and creativity have been in my blood for as long as I can remember.

As previewed in my IG stories. This gorgeous little Opal has peridot or sour apple and lavender purple flash.  I love working with Opal Doublets (I find backed Opals to be much more durable and do not need an advanced degree to preserve them for generations to come.  The same can be said for these lab-created Opals.  Did you know a small business in Arizona creates these in a patented process with the same minerals that create Opals in nature?  That it takes about a year to grow these?  There are layers and layers in each Opal so depending on how you cut them reveals hidden colors and patterns.  They are so much more durable than their natural counterparts. You can also afford to get a museum-grade Opal without breaking the bank. I typically say "lab," but I thought a more in-depth description might share insight into who I choose these Opals over others. If I use an Opal is larger, say a small pea, then it's one of these lab-created Opals and so very gorgeous. 

I had originally set said 5 stones in various colors to make these.  But wanted to check interest before I committed the Sterling sheet to their creation.  At this point in the process, they can be made into a pendant or a ring.  The choice is yours.  If you would like to see more of this design, please let me know. I would love to finish the ones I have set aside. I might make one for myself.  Opals are my birthstone (I think I mention that to everyone who listens and shares more than anyone cares to know, lol).

Purple Opal (lab) Ring Sized to Order

Measurements: 1" top to bottom and 1" left to right 

Composition: Opal (lab), CZ, sterling silver