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Tourmaline Bat Ring

Regular price $280.00

One of a kind.   I only have one of these large long skinny oval stones.  I do have more cats eye tourmaline if you would like your a made to order ring.

Check out this cats eye black and green tourmaline stone.  It has an amazing flashy pattern in the very center.  It looks like green lighting doing down the center of the stone.

Finally, my large bat ring band came in!!! I had these cast in a size 9.5.  These are roughly double the size of the baby bat rings.  

One of a kind. I cannot recreate this once sold. I only have one of these gorgeous stones.  psst!  Did you know that I offer complimentary ring sizing for all rings? 

I love love love, love, looooove love this ring!  Did I mention I love it?  So much so that I want to make one with any and all the stones!!!

As seen on my IG stories.

This is a gender-neutral design with a large bat ring in a CAD (computer animated design) program, and 3D printed.  I also have a smaller baby bat ring that is half the size for smaller stone rings.  It's listed separately. Then I sent them off to be molded and cast in Sterling Silver.  

This ring was made with a combination of lost wax cast and standard silver sheet and wire fabrication.  All rings include complimentary resizing, at no additional charge (unless otherwise noted).  The band is 5mm at its narrowest point.  

I love the darker maximalist aesthetic when paired with beautifully elegant things.  It creates a sultry hint with a subtle rebellious feel.

Measurements:  1 7/8" tall by 1" wide, approx

Materials: Sterling Silver & Tourmaline