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10% Flash Sale, Aura Opal Acanthus Pendant

Sale price $198.00 Regular price $220.00

The stone is a doublet.  Or a lab-created Aura Opal with a faceted quartz top.  I am a big fan of created Opal vs. natural. First natural Opals are delicate and have to be treated with extra care for longevity.  There is also the superstition that if you are not born in October, Opals will bring you bad luck.  And that you can't buy them for yourself.  I am not saying that is true, but enough people believe that and requested alternatives.  That I started carrying mostly lab-created Opals.

I am a huge fan of this stone.

Right now, this is one of a kind.  I made a set of 4 in this design.  Each one features a different stone.  I have a few more Peristerite on hand if you would like one as made to order.

Materials:  Sterling & Opal Doublet (synthetic)

Measurements: 1 7/8" long by 5/8" wide, approx.  All pendants come with up to a 22" chain and 4" extender.  Please let me know how long you would want your chain.