Dark Enchantress

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Black Swarovski & Cherubs

This XXL colorless Swarovski will shoot rainbows of light in your car.  It will catch the light and draw the eye from across the room.

This. Is. Magical.

She was made with a variety of techniques, including lost-wax casting and hand fabrication.  A portion of the bail was made with a custom lost-wax piece, and a mini screw.  I started using miniature hardware in my work in 2009 when I dove into Steampunk. They have been a long time staple in my work, I love the little bit of industrial edge.  The mini hardware has been soldered shut, it can't come unscrewed.  The result is a lifetime secure joint that swings and moves with your body.

Measurements: 2" long by 1.25" wide.