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This an updated, more wearable Enchantress design.  I have these in a variety of colors.  Keep an eye out for more of them in upcoming series.  I have one made and ready to ship.  I will be offering these as made to order soon.  So keep an eye on these for a chance to grab your prefered color(s).

There is a much larger version of this pendant.  Just search for the tag "enchantress" to see any from this design series.

She was made with a variety of techniques, including lost-wax casting and hand fabrication.  A portion of the bail was made with a custom lost-wax piece and a mini screw.  I started using miniature hardware in my work in 2009 when I dove into Steampunk. They have been a long time staple in my work, I love the little bit of industrial edge.  The mini hardware has been soldered shut, it can't come unscrewed.  The result is a lifetime secure joint that swings and moves with your body.

100% sterling silver 

Measurements: 1.25" long by 0.5" wide.