Darkest Flame

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The darkest flame, burning in the deepest dark.  I have a deep and abiding infatuation with fire obsidian.  It looks like a black stone until the light hits it just right, then its a riot of color with an oil slick hidden flash.  These stones were hand-cut by a lapidary artist from Oregon. He is a magician with obsidian.

Set into 100% handmade Sterling silver setting.  A petite skull adorns the top because skulls are life.  So why not.

One of a kind.  Cannot recreate this once sold due to the rarity of the stone.  This would pair beautifully with a red trillion or gold.

Read more about "Shadow Self, Burnt Bridges" here: https://bellalili.com/collections/shadow-self-burnt-bridges

100% Sterling silver

Measurements: 2.3" long X .78" wide

Comes on a 16inch chain with a 4inch extender