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Drops of Light, faceted Quartz and Sterling Silver Art Nouveau crystal point necklace

Regular price $370.00


I cannot recreate this once it is sold. These are the very last of the faceted Quartz I have on hand.  And will be retiring this size and shape of crystal point.  Imagine revisiting this idea with all-new crystals at some point.

Materials:  Sterling Silver & Quartz

Measurements: 2 3/4" tall by " wide.  T

I am so in love with this idea.  I challenged myself to use some less-than-perfect parts and make them look like brand new or better.  All the silver used in this trio of drops piece are from my discard pile.  I am so excited about how they came out.  

The crystals were damaged when I did my last offering of drops of light.  So I had to recut them to remove the damaged area and redesign each pendant to work with the new shape of the stones.  I love fun little mini-challenges like this.