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So you know how I love finding different things. And always drawn to sparkle or flashing stones.  I was really intrigued by natural Marcasite stones.  They look like pyrite but have a different crystalline structure.  Pyrite grows in angular squares, Marcasite grows in a more dendritic or tree like pattern, with a diamond dust like inner sparkle.  Accents with a golden rose cut Moissanite.

These larger pendants with the focus on the stone, and just enough details to keep it interesting are my favorite to wear everyday.  They can be worn long, or short alone or layered.  Changing up how you wear them, can lead to endless possibilities.

This coordinates with the Oyster Cameos, Pyrite or the Warlord.  Styling idea: pair this with a champagne trillion chain, BL logo charm and any golden drop of your choice.

100% Sterling silver and 14k Gold-fill

Measurements: 2.25" long including the bail X 1.05" wide