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Regular price $350.00

As previewed on IG.  So this complex piece was made to resemble an Antique reliquary in a shadowbox style with dimensions and a mix of old-world style religious motifs like the sun rays and angels.  It shows the morbidity of humanity how there are no winners or losers in life.  We all are born; we all die.  No one gets out alive.  No one.  Everything that happens in the middle is you.  Do you embrace your darkness?  Chances are, if you like my offerings, you do.  Or do you lie to yourself and deny any hint of dark.  Do you pretend to be purely good?  Nevernight is balance.  An ever-shifting of light and dark, a balance on a knife's edge of what that means.  We are never wholly bad, nor are we wholly good.  We are both; we are human, we die.

She was made in a Southern Gothic style. I wanted her to look as at home in New Orleans with all her esoteric glory or as a hidden gem tucked away in an Antique store waiting for just the right person to stumble across her.  Wear her with jeans and a tunic.  Wear her with a chignon and a suit.  Wear her with a corset and a smile.  But wear her often and take a photo every time.  I made her just for you.

Shadeauxs are an open-ended series with a  southern gothic twist.  Each one is an original design featuring various imagery under Vintage Mineral Watch Glass.  Extra care should be taken with any Shadeaux.  

One of a Kind.  I cannot recreate this once it is sold.  This is a heavy piece, solid piece, and priced accordingly.

Composition: Sterling, & Swarovski

Measurements: 2 1/4" long X 1" wide

It comes on a 16-inch chain with a 4-inch extender.