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10% Flash Sale, Peristerite Demi Fey, Necklace

Sale price $394.00 Regular price $438.00

Now 10% off!!!

Making room for new designs.  So I am marking down some older pieces.  All sales still include a complimentary chain for pendants and resizing for rings. 

Flash Sale pricing is good thru Saturday.  Then items will go back to their normal price.

One of a kind cannot be recreated.  This is a very large statement piece with a finished back.

I couldn't decide which version to make, so I made two sisters or cousins.  While they resemble each other, they are unique and not twins.  Inspired by the demi fey in the Merry Gentry books.  The demi fey are tiny winged beings of pure fairy magic.  But they have fangs and can be vicious.  This is why I used the tiniest art nouveau-style bat wings you ever did see and added a skull for a more macabre look. So dang cute!!!! 

Demi Fey was first introduced in the "Fairytale Series," and I have continued with this design concept as inspiration strikes. 

If you see something that sells out, please ask. I might be able to revisit the idea with minor adjustments.  I am offering a very, very limited made-to-order of a few of the pieces. 

I created this unique design with a mix of techniques. Lost wax casting from my own personal 3D prints and hand fabrication.  

The stone is a Peristerite, it is sometimes called Bolmerite, or African Moonstone.  Both are misnomers.  It's actually in the feldspar group with a flash like labradorite or Moonstone.  Visually it resembles white moonstone more than it resembles Rainbow Moonstone.  It's not an especially rare mineral. But it is harder to find in this quality and this light sweet cream color.  It flashes blue from one direction and has a silvery flash in another, and some of the stones have a pink glittery flash as some labradorites have.  If you are familiar with Labradorites, you know exactly what I am talking about.  

I tried something a little different.  I used an engraver to engrave some veining in the butterfly wings, then drilled out spots for small vintage sparkle.  I hope you like it.

Your choice of chain lengths, up to 22" with a 4" extender, will be added to your necklace.  

Measurements:  2 1/2" tall by 1 1/4" wide

These come on a Sterling rope chain up to 22" with a 4" extender.  Please let me know your preferred length. If I do not see it mentioned, I will ask prior to shipping.

Material Composition: Sterling silver, Peristerite, Swar, & crystal