7.5 Sapphire Ring

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So you know how I love finding different things. And always drawn to sparkle or flashing stones.  Sapphires that flash are so incredible. Like most gemstones, they come in a variety of colors.  Brown sapphires aren't as common as the traditional blue, but man do faceted sapphires sparkle and shine.

Split shanks are my favorite to wear and a bit tricky to make. The open design offers a sturdy support of larger stones and a more comfortable fit without having to size up.  I like to say, give yourself a .25 or 1/4 size in extra room, but may not be necessary depending on how tightly you like your rings to fit.  Or if you are like me and love to eat salt and vinegar chips, your ring will fit comfortably even after a few hours.  ;-)

One of a kind. 

Sterling silver and Fine silver with 14k Gold-filled accents

Measurements: 1.18" in diameter

Rings with stones set in place, aren't able to be resized.