Made to order, Amethyst Ring

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The Grand Dame of this week.  She is a significant piece of jewelry.  She is what I consider a knuckle buster ring.  She will fit from your 3rd to your 2nd knuckle.  The band is the largest I offer.  So I suggest going up 1/2 size. I normally wear an 8.25 and this fits on that finger with a tiny bit of room.  Its best to decide for yourself which fit is best.  Some like a tighter ring, others like it to barely fit without falling off.  Its totally  up to you.

The gemstone is a natural ultra amazing (no thats not an offical term. lol) Bolivian Amethyst. If you hold it up to the light, you can see all the color play and different characteristics.  I have 1 more of these lovely stones, and am offering it as a "made to Order", in your size.

This can be stretched up to 1/2 size larger, only.  Unfortunately the design doesn't allow for significant resizing.

Ring Top Measurements:  1 1/2" long, approx
Metal: Sterling Silver 92.5
Band width: 11mm