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Blue Moon Turquoise Doublet Art Nouveau Sterling Ring

Blue Moon Turquoise Doublet Art Nouveau Sterling Ring

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one of a kind (due to the nature of the stone used)

The doublets are hand cut by yours truly.  The Turquoise is Blue Moon Turquoise.

Materials:  Sterling & Crystal Blue Moon Turquoise Doublet

Measurements: 1" tall by 3/4" wide.  

Ring Sized to order. Just leave a note when you checkout out. Or send me a message afterward.

This is one of the newest crystal-faceted Opal doublets I hand-cut myself.  I have been calling the faceted pears the "fantasy" to myself.  So it just streamlines everything to keep the name going here, too. The overall design is a simpler one.  The faceted crystals I use are "S," named European crystal dupe that is as good if not better.  So they are all the same size or what is considered "calibrated." Which means I can swap the stone out for your choice.   

Check out the last photo for a pic of the finished doublets and the raw materials I use to create them.

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