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Opal Cat's Eye, Feral Collection, Art Nouveau Sterling Silver Pendant

Regular price $210.00

OOAK, one of a kind.

Materials:  Sterling Silver & Aura Opal
Measurements: 5/8" wide by 1" tall, Chain  up to 22" with a 4" extender", Please let me know your preferred length when you checkout.

So we all know and love these incredible Aura Opal doublets.  But I sadly went a bit overboard.  So I have a billion or 2.  Which means I get bored.  And when I get bored, I create random acts of art.  Hence the cat's eye image doublet I created by deconstructing the opal, then adding the cat's eye image and putting it back together like I do with all my doublets.  But this time I backed it with UV-reacting purple/blue glow dust.  I thought it was just glow-in-the-dark.  But nope, it's UV reacting glow dust.  So that means that not only do the eyes look like some fantasy lisa frank shifter fever dream, they also glow when exposed to sunlight.  Its the gift that keeps on giving.  Each one is unique and one of a kind.  

I have tried to show all of the pieces for size and style comparisons.