Lady Verdant

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Lady Verdant is the fist piece I made for this latest collection. I loved her so much that I immediately discarded my original plan for a blue/green azurite update. Instead, I dove recklessly into a Cameo update, for which I am completely content and happy that I chose to do so.

The lady herself is an ultra rare and exquisite Venetian glass cameo. She's enshrouded by Art Nouveau poppies, and crowned with Swarovski emerald gemstones.

Swarovski has recently begun to offer gemstones, both CZ and genuine topaz.  These are of the CZ variety and match the cameo perfectly.

This is absolutely one of a kind and cannot be recreated. There can only ever be one, with this emerald green cameo. Chains may be purchased separately.

Materials: Mix of 100% sterling silver and fine silver.

Measurements: 1.5" wide by 2" long