Hammered or Twist

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The "Hammered or Twist" cuffs are a rigid heavy duty solid sterling cuff, 1 size fits most or large, this may be to rigid to adjust at home.

Meant to be layered with other more elegant bracelets.  These bracelets are a mix of edgy elegance.  Hammered and distressed because like most Ladies, we are built from from blood/sweat, tears/pain, smile/joy and mistakes/triumphs.  

As previewed in Instagram highlights.

100% Sterling 92.5 (the LUXE piece has 14kt yellow gold prongs securely holding the pale faceted aquamarine stone)

Measurements (widest part of the bracelet) 4.5mm

****This listing is for 1 bracelet, any other items are shown for sizing and style references, and available separately. ****