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Made to Order Hexenbiest, the Coven Collection

Regular price $460.00

I can't decide if I should revisit this design with modifications.  So I am offering this as a made-to-order.  The variation I have in the mock-up features left and right-facing cat skulls.

The 4th of a sisterhood of the dark.  The Coven Collection will feature darker esoteric themes.  The idea was sparked late at night after reading a few too many horror novels.  Each Coven piece will be unique and one of a kind.  These are the last two currently in the works.  If you all love them, I will try to revisit this idea soon.

As previewed on IG.  This is the "Hexenbiest," a darker offering.  A mysterious figure glimpsed between the folds of her cloak, which hangs from her macabre crown like a burial shroud.  Who was she?  Or who was he?  Where did they come from?  We are all bone underneath it all.  Death is the great equalizer, and their power refuses to succumb even after death.

"Hexenbiest" has a ram skull headdress and twisting vines.  I was channeling the infamous spell from Hocus Pocus.  "twist the bones and bend the back..." I was trying to channel some of my favorite pop culture movie references in this update.  Without being too literal.  Do you see it?   For this offering, I wanted to add echoes of Hocus Pocus and Grimm.  Without being too literal. “Hexenbiest,” like from Grimm hexenbiest were witches who looked like corpses.

Material Composition:  Sterling Silver, Horn, 14k GF & Jewelers Bronze

Size: 2 1/8" tall and 1 1/8" wide.