Last Chance I am the Storm

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Last Chance.  Making room for new designs. Someone please grab this before I change my mind.

She is wary and worn. Standing, faced into the wind, with a glittering gaze, defiant. "Is that all you got?" What's a little water, when our bodies are over 60% water. I have cried more tears than there is water in all the clouds in the sky. My echoing wail of loss and anguish is stronger than the wind. 

"I am the Storm" 

If you think a little water (tears) and wind (hateful words) will hurt me, you've got another thing coming.

I feel this piece. So completely, all the way to my bones. 

The Moss Aquamarine stone is a richly colored, deep blue-green. There are glittering inclusions, known as the "schiller effect", which are caused by light reflecting off the tiny mineral particles inside a gemstone. I have been holding on to this beauty for quite some time; she reminds me of a powerful storm.  

The top stone is a custom, dark rainbow moissanite that pairs perfectly with the aquamarine. Look for the Swarovski "Drama Drops" that coordinate; there is only only earthy pair up for grabs, to complete your look.

Absolutely one of a kind. I might try to revisit this idea soon. 

Materials: Mix of 100% sterling and fine silvers

Measurements: 2" long by 1" wide.