Inferno No3

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"Let the flames of the bridge that I burn, light my way."

Burn baby burn. 

The stone that inspired this whole update.

This is by far my most favorite stone selection in the this update.  I took over a year to source and collect a handful of these amazingly flashing Astrophyllite.  Normally they are mostly white with a hairlike linear flash of red/brown. Their fire is hard capture video and photos.  This is the flashiest of the quad. 

Metaphysical properties of this stone make it a powerhouse.  It is said to infuse your entire being with light and help aid you.

Set into 100% Handmade Sterling silver setting.  A petite skull adorns the top because skulls are my life.  So why not.

One of a kind.  Cannot recreate this once sold due to the rarity of the stone.  This would pair beautifully with a gold or dark gray petite trillion.

Read more about "Shadow Self, Burnt Bridges" here:

100% Sterling silver

Measurements: 2.5" long by 1" wide, approx