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Lady + Moon Ring

Regular price $180.00

Made to order, please allow 1-2 weeks prior to shipping depending on workload. Happy to give you a better ship date estimate upon request.

As seen on my IG stories.

"Moon" is a ring substantial gender-neutral ring design.  I created this dark romantic, Art Nouveau ring in a CAD (computer animated design) program, and 3D printed them.  Then I sent them off to be molded and cast in Sterling Silver.  These rings bands work perfectly with the small Moonstone carved Moons.  

This ring was made with a combination of lost wax cast and standard silver sheet and wire fabrication.   I had these rings cast in size 8.25.  And loosely set the moon so they can be easily sized, at no additional charge.  The band is 5mm at its narrowest point.  

I love the darker maximalist aesthetic when paired with beautifully elegant things.  It creates a sultry hint with a subtle rebellious feel.

This listing is for one of the Lady + Moon Rings, as shown.  As you can see, the stones have not been permanently set so that they can be resized.  I have a few cast ring bands on hand and ready to make into moon rings.  A limited number is listed as made to order. There is 1 sample made as shown.

The moons have been backed with white Abalone, with Lapidary adhesive to give it the opal-like glow.  When stones are "backed" they are considered "Doublets".

Measurements:  1/2" in diameter

Materials: Sterling Silver & Carved Moonstone