Lady Noctem

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Lady Noctem or Lady Night is an ode to astronomy.  Loosely based on the Muse Urania, the muse of Astronomy. 

She was fabricated with a variety of techniques, die struck (which I do myself all in house), forging and chasing. The gold accents are a mix of pure 14ky gold and 14k goldfilled.  The sparkle is spinel and moissanite.  The raised glass is antique mineral glass.  I have sealed it with a dark black muesume grade wax to preserve the true black finish. 

Due to the nature of this piece, please handle it with care.  When she tarnishes, which is the nature of silver, just or buff the high points with a polishing cloth.  Do not use any liquid jewelry cleaner, ever..

Metal: Sterling, Fine Silver & 14k gf
Measurements:  2 1/4" tall by 1 5/8" wide, Including the bail