Love Struck

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Love Struck is made with a mix of Sterling, Fine and 14k goldfilled.  The large center stone is a natural Rose Quartz with a rose cut Welo Opal accent.

I love the color and texture of the Rose Quartz stone, it has such interesting character.  The bail doubles as a hidden clasp so you can add this to any chain, beaded or link.

Metal: Sterling
Measurements:  2 7/8" by 1 1/8" approx

++Please note, all photos are taken in a LED light box.  The photos are only editing for white balance and cropped, they are not otherwise enhanced.  Also , each item is handmade by Autumn.  Which means that with any handmade item, there is some character, and will be shown in photos.  Autumn, loves character and would never remove all evidence of her handwork even if she could.++