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Lunar Cycle, Libra edit, Sterling Opal Cameo Art Nouveau Ring

Sale price $479.99 Regular price $600.00


I absolutely adore this ring.  I love love love the design.  I cannot wait to make some more in this style.  When and if I make more, the ring band will be different and the Opals and accent colors as well.  So, each one will be one of a kind.

Materials:  Sterling Silver, Opal Doublet, & CZ

Measurements: 3/4" wide by 2" tall and 5mm at its narrowest point.  Stones are only loosely set for photos so that all rings can be resized.

I love Opals, but I do not like how easily damaged they are due to their MOHS of 6.5.  Which is why I created this crystal doublet.  It protects the stone and just adds that wow factor I love about Opals. So you can see all the colors and the fire.  Becuase I left Opal unbacked, the polished silver reflects and adds another dimension of color in their depths.

I recently started recycling and rolling all my own Sterling Silver sheets. The lost wax components are cast from recycled silver as well.  The bezels are one of few things I  use that are not handmade by myself.