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Melancholia + Lady Ring

Regular price $145.00

I have been pretty open to some about my struggle with depression over the last 7 years.  Its taken some time but I am finally in a really good place mentally.  May is mental health awareness month.  And I wanted to create a special piece to remind myself of even though I will always struggle with depression and anxiety.  It does not mean that's all of who I am and I am still here fighting.  

This right (and pendant) were created for those who are still here and still fighting or those to show their support.

The stones are carved gray clouds from rainbow sunstones.  The ring has a mini cloud.  The pendant is your choice of the large cloud or mini.  Lily and I both have one of these.  Who would you gift this too?  To say "I love you and I am glad you are still here."  Choosing to stay is an active choice to plan for a future where you hope it can get better. 

If you need a sympathetic ear or a list of resources that have helped me, feel free to reach out on social media (ig). You are not alone.

As seen on my IG stories.

This is a gender-neutral design with a lady on either side. If you would prefer this ring to be made with the skull ring band, please ask.  The coordinating pendant listed separately. Then I sent them off to be molded and cast in Sterling Silver.  

This ring was made with a combination of lost wax cast and standard silver sheet and wire fabrication.  All rings include complimentary resizing, at no additional charge (unless otherwise noted).  The band is 5mm at its narrowest point.  

I love the darker maximalist aesthetic when paired with beautifully elegant things.  It creates a sultry hint with a subtle rebellious feel.

Measurements:  1/2" in diameter, approx

Materials: Sterling Silver & Gray Sunstone