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This set of sisters, not twins are a deep cut, controversial piece.  Opium flowers or poppies come down from above and embrace a mourning cameo.  The series "Shadow Self", acknowledges our humanity, in so much as we struggle with our inner demons. Some self medicate to escape the pain.  "Remembrance" pays homage to that struggle.  Maybe you lost a dear one, or you yourself were lost for a time.  But we are not who we are without struggle.  Know you are not alone.

I couldn't ignore addiction when talking about mental health.  It might make some people uncomfortable. Or they may tell me to stay in my lane. And to that I say, too bad.  Remember that while pain may be a huge part of what shaped you, it is not all that you are. A portion of the proceeds for these two ladies will go directly to  By not talking about the epidemic, people slip through the cracks.

Please, choose yours from the drop-down.  Look closely, the leaves are slightly different. Set into 100% handmade Sterling silver setting. 

Unfortunately I cannot recreate these once sold. 

Read more about "Shadow Self, Burnt Bridges" here:

100% Sterling silver

Measurements: 2.1" long X 1.4" wide