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Dangerous Enchanting

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This creation seemingly created itself. It includes all my favorite things: Swarovski, an edgy spike, macabre skull, and flowing elegant lines. Checks all my boxes. So, naturally, I want to make this in every color possible. Spoiler alert, I am so doing this.  

Part of the "Electric Blue" update.  This update was originally supposed to be a nod to the Electric Heart song, for a fun Valentines theme.  But then I realized that while yes, I do have electric blue stones, no I do not have blue hearts.   So the Electric Heart update became the "Electric Blue" collection.  I am very very into this ultra-vibrant blue and marine greens.  

There are two of these in this moody purple and blue combo and even a bit of teal with the right movement. 

Material Composition:  Sterling & Swarovski

Measurements: .9" wide by 1.75" long