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One of a Kind.  Amber (Fossilized Tree Sap) and a Passion Mystic Topaz. Set into a handmade Sterling and Fine silver setting.

This is a large statement pendant. Amber is not a heavy stone, so this larger size won't be overly heavy when worn. 

This extraordinary Amber stone is incredible.  I designed the whole series around these cabs and the Starry Night offerings.

I especially feel that Amber, is so relevant with the Amazon Rainforest burning and climate change.  This series marks the new newest cause, each order helps plant several trees.  The more you spend the more trees are planted. Forgive me, I don't have the exact number readily available.  But the "about" page keeps a current tally of all the trees planted. 

100% sterling silver and fine silver 

Measurements: 2.5" long X 1.1" wide