Tourmaline and Vesuvianite

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One of a Kind

This Southern Gothic-inspired filigree pendant features a gorgeous vibrant green rose cut green Tourmaline and a sour apple green Vesuvianite stone. I used a variety of techniques when creating.  Die striking here in my home studio, lost wax casting, and fabrication from sheet or wire.  This piece is a perfect example of all three.  

Originally intended as earrings, but felt that they were too heavy.  So I modified my original idea and went with pendants, to match the Devereaux or Archetype dangles. 

Tourmaline or Vesuvianite, my favorite site for researching individual properties of stones is  Just type in the stone(s) you are researching and there's a wealth of info.

100% Sterling and fine silver

Measurements: 2.1" long X .6" wide