Mini Warboy

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A perfect little charm to wear in a variety of ways.  Recycled silver and a pop of gold wire.  Your choice of a Mozambique Garnet or a Golden Moissanite. 

Warboy's were a design that came into being a few years back. Like all silversmiths, I found myself with an excess of  leftover bit and bobs silver and was feeling bored.  Sometimes I like to challenge myself to use whatever is on my bench. No preconceived notions.  Just use whatever is there, and create something. So I experimented with melting my scrap silver and used a leftover bit of wire. Warboy's felt like something forged in fire (literally), went through the a ton of hammering and the end result was a weathered beauty. 

Warboy's are the perfect symbolism of how life is never what you want, but only have the choice but to work with what you have.  And there is beauty and it sometimes is worth it. 

There were a ton of experiments that didn't work.  And they just went back into the fire and I tried again.

100% Sterling silver 14K gold wire

Measurements: 0.78" long including the bail X 0.25" wide