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Creature of the Night

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As promised, here's another unique bat Shadeaux. 

Creature of the Night" is a Shadeaux.  Shadeauxs are an open-ended series.  With a  southern gothic twist.  Each one is an original design featuring various imagery under Vintage Mineral Watch Glass.  Extra care should be taken with any Shadeaux.  

Part of the "Electric Blue" update.  This update was originally supposed to be a nod to the Electric Heart song, for a fun Valentines theme.  But then I realized that while yes, I do have electric blue stones, no I do not have blue hearts.   So the Electric Heart update became the "Electric Blue" collection.  I am very very into this ultra-vibrant blue and marine greens.   Of course, once I started pulling stones, I wanted to have  Azurite Malachite as the central stone.  I love the clash of competing, vibrant hues.

One of a kind.


Material Composition: Sterling & Vintage Watch Crystal

Measurements: 2.1" long X 1.3" wide 

 Comes on a 16-inch sterling chain