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Azurite Malachite

Regular price $272.00

Part of the "Electric Blue" update.  This update was originally supposed to be a nod to the Electric Heart song, for a fun Valentines theme.  But then I realized that while yes, I do have electric blue stones, no I do not have blue hearts.   So the Electric Heart update became the "Electric Blue" collection.  I am very very into this ultra-vibrant blue and marine greens.   Of course, once I started pulling stones, I wanted to have  Azurite Malachite as the central stone.  I love the clash of competing, vibrant hues.

PSA! So I dropped the stone.  But too beautiful not to use, so I repaired it with resin to stabilize and reinforce the stone.  Its priced accordingly.  

Material Composition: Sterling, Azurite-Malachite And Swarovski gemstone.

Measurements: 2.2" long x 1.05" wide