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Purple Opal, Rose + Skull Dark Art Nouveau Necklace

Purple Opal, Rose + Skull Dark Art Nouveau Necklace

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One of a Kind (in this color)

This is Opal has a gorgeous purple lavender color, look for the matching pieces.

Materials: Sterling, hydroquartz & Opal (lab)

Measurements: 1 1/8" tall by 7/8" wide.  All pendants come on an 18" chain with a 4" extender.

These Opal Doublet pendants are 100% handmade.  I cut the Opal rough and create hydroquartz (man made crystals) doublets myself. 

Psst!  Did you know that all my silver sheet is from 100% recycled silver?  How do I know its recycled?  Because I melt it down and roll out the silver myself.  Because I recycle it myself,  I choose to keep some of the battle scars from the recycling process vs producing a perfect sheet.  I like the story the added character of imperfections.

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