Screaming' Demon

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This listing is for N1609.

Made to Order:  Trying something a little bit different.  With my upcoming move and the numerous requests to recreate things. I thought I would offer a few select pieces as made to order for a limited time.  These listings will be offered from today 3/23, thru Sunday 3/31.  At which time I will take down the listings and order all the materials, required.  So everyone who wants one can get one.

Made to order for those who ok waiting 4 weeks for these to ship.  And who do not mind is there are minute differences like a slightly different pattern on a bail.  Unfortunately there won't be any customization options on these items either.  If you are not ok with anything mentioned above, please wait for my shop updates to snag your exact item.  Made to Orders are probably not the best option for you.

 The two outer only differ in the how much silver I used when making them.  The 1st one I made was the N1609 but I felt like it needed a tiny bit more weight to it, so I backed it with a thick piece of sterling silver sheet, and made N1611.  N1610 has a honey moissanite set into 14k gf.

Made with a combination of lost wax casting, die struck and fabrication techniques. 

Sterling and Fine silver.  One of a Kind.  Vintage and new components.

Measurements: 1 7/8" by 3/4" long approx

Chain: 18" black vegan cord