Size 9, Blue Opal

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This was so hard to photograph, the stone has such intense flash, it kept messing with the camera.  It looks either green or blue based on the angle of view.  So incredible.  Perfect large size and love the bands, it echos an art deco style. 

This is a large statement ring with a ton of color play. Believe it or not, this a created Opal.  I tried to take a ton of photos to show all the colors.  There is a video in my story on Instagram. This solid sterling handmade ring is made up of fine and sterling silver.  This is one of a kind. There are quite a few Opal Rings available, each one is a slightly different.
Unfortunately the design doesn't allow for resizing or stretching.
Ring Top Measurements:  7/8" long by 1/2" wide, approx
Metal: Sterling Silver 92.5