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Stella Luna, necklace

Regular price $285.00

Stella Luna is part of the devotion of the Moon, a mini-series within the larger "Moonspell" collection.  The "Devotion of the Moon" is a benediction of a dark soul.  We all strive towards the light. I exist in the shadows and reach for the glow of moonlight. ~ the Moth

When the moon arrives in the darkness, both the moth and bat emerge at the disappearance of the sunlight.  They flicker and flap wings when they awake from a deep slumber.  A whisper of sound and flashes of wings in the dark of night. 

"Some are born to sweet delight, Some are born to endless night." ~ William Blake

This one-of-a-kind pendant is a petite mini Rainbow Moonstone Moon.  There is a subtle blue flash visible from the top of the moon under direct light.  Hold it up to your phone's flashlight and check out all the angles to see how it glows.

The other moons are shown for sizing and style comparisons.  This listing is for the necklace's individual photos; all other items are sold separately. The two pics of all 3 bat moons show the flash in these stones.  They all have equal flash and are equally high quality, just in case that was a factor in deciding which one to buy.

Absolutely one of a kind.

Material Composition: Sterling Silver, Quartz, & Opal (lab)

Measurements: 1.28" top to bottom and 1.67" wide. Your choice of attached chain up to 20" with a 4" extender will be added.  Please let me know.