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the Worship of Flowers, Amber Sterling Necklace

Regular price $350.00

We all know how much I love my prietesses.  And each one I make I am convinced it my favorite one.  Then I come up with a new idea and that's my new favorite. But like a proud mama I honestly can't choose which one I like best.  Although this one is a bit extra special.  You see my sister's name is Amber.  And this has a carved Amber flower.  I love the contrasting textures and materials.  The opening looks like an eye like a cyclops or a gate.  There is so much fluidity to its imagery, it could mean anything to anyone that it resonates with.  And of course because I am extra, the back is gorgeous.  I had to adorn that too.  

This is one of a kind.  I do have 1 more carved Amber flower but it is a different flower.  

Absolutely one of a kind.

Materials:  Sterling  & Amber

Measurements:  1 3/4" tall by 1" wide approx