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Nothing sparkles quite like a Swarovski.  While I adore natural gems and stones, when you mix a Swarovski into your layering, you create a richness of texture that catches the eye.  Swarovski throw rainbows inside your car on a crappy commute, they catch the eye from across the room, they are just so incredible.  I love their quality and price tag.  Its a great affordable way to add dimension into your jewelry wardrobe.

You will receive one of the two pendants shown.  They are nearly identical, but slightly different enough to keep them unique from each other.

Limited Edition
Metal: Sterling
Measurement:  1 1/2" tall by 1" wide, approx
Chain: 18" Vegan Cord


** I do my best to describe colors and stone characteristics, as well as take photos in daylight LED light box, but some variation may occur due to device settings. All items come in a gift bow tied with a bow and my standard 2 year warranty unless otherwise noted. **