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Flash after halloween sale!  Please shop carefully, sale items are considered final sale.

My 3rd annual Broom offering, the conclusion of the Epodite brooms for this year.

I prefer to list these together for size and style comparisons.  For individual videos please see my IG stories.

The bottom stones are all Epodite, just as they came out of the earth.  I tried to keep the cutting to a minimum, for comfort and to suit the design.  Accent stones include Idocrase and green Moissanite.  The properties of both Epodite and Idocrase are both stones that really spoke to me recently.  I will most definitely create one of these for my forever collection, to pass down as heirlooms.

These will look best worn on a long chain.  Each one is unique and one of a kind.  This is the last Witch Brooms for now.

A.  "Dark Fairy" The wee skullerfly with a coiled snake bail. 2" long by 0.5" wide

B. "Batty" a wee bat perched atop a leaf poised to take flight. A dark evergreen rose cut Moissanite nestled between the wings. 3" long by 0.75" wide

C. "Unseelie" double-sided. A deep blue sapphire accents the setting 4" long by 1" wide.

D. " Dark Soul" My absolutely personal favorite.  Asymmetrical dark forest offering, from right out of a dream. 3.75" long by 1" wide

E. "The Dark Enchantress" Harpy sentential stand guard.  Accent stone is dark gray rose-cut Moissanite. 3.75" long by 1.25" wide

F. "Dark Soul" Double sides with an evergreen rose-cut Moissanite. This is the luxe offering of the coven.

G.  "Blair Witch" A darker wicked witch with a matte mourning cameo. Emerald (lab) accent 3.5" long by 1" wide

H. "Bat Skull" accent stone is Vesuvianite

Metals used are Sterling and Fine silver. 

If you would like a plain 31" box chain, not shown.  Please add the very last option "chain" to your cart along with your broom selection.