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Green Yule Goat, House of Libra Collection, Opal Doublet and Sterling Silver Art Nouveau détresse style

Sale price $383.99 Regular price $480.00

One-of-a-Kind  (I made 2 of these one in green and one in blue)

"There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in" is a line from Leonard Cohen.

This item was made with 100% recycled silver.  The base was melted and rolled by yours truly. The lost wax-cast components of my design were made in a small casting house with all recycled materials as well.  I purposely encouraged and shaped the silver to crack and allow the light in.  I rolled the silver to 20g thickness.  I started calling it "détresse style" in my head because everything sounds better in French.

Materials:  Opal (lab-created) doublet and Sterling Silver (100" recycled Sterling)& crystal

Measurements: 1 7/5" tall by 1 1/8" wide.  18" beaded accent sterling chain is the default unless otherwise noted.  I am happy to adjust the chain up to 22" at no additional charge. Or swap out for a plain chain.  See the last photo)

I make my own Opal doublets.  They are made with a mix of hydroquartz and faceted Austrian crystals.  I left the Opals unbacked, so the polished inside of the settings allows the inner fire to reflect and showcase their wide array of colors.  Each one is slightly different, even though I cut all the Opal at the same time. The variety is from the year-long process that these cultured lab-created Opal.  I tried my best to show all the colors, but they will surprise you in a good way in person.

All the silver for the backplates is melted and recycled by yours truly.  I melt all my silver scrap and recycle it into usable sheets.  I purposely push the silver to look distressed.  So you will see silver hammer marks, cracks, and pits.  These are intentional.  I am capable of producing silky buttery smooth finishes.  But I find they lack character and bore me.  I love the gritty realism of scars or battle wounds left during the handmade process.

This is a set and will come with matching sterling silver and crystal earrings.