Autumn Phillips

In a life full of constant change and moving like a gypsy, creating became as necessary as breathing. I have always been an artist. Growing up, I would experiment with a variety of mediums, charcoals, clay, wood shop, metal shop, always trying new things. Enjoying the process and seeing what I could do. My love affair with Jewelry started small. I needed something red.  And we all know how elusive pretty red jewelry can be.  I found a few things, from a department store, and set about repurposing them.  In the early days, I absorbed techniques like a sponge, trying and discarding most.  Eventually I worked up the courage to try a torch. Costume jewelry is where I honed my torch skills and felt as if I had found my calling.  But Sterling, Sterling is where I found magic.

Find me on, most any social media to see what I am currently working on. 😀


A portion of each order is donated to a cause. In last I have donated to help find scholarships for family members of fallen firefighters, those affect by hurricane Maria and Harvey, as well as to the brain and research development to help understand depression and anxiety.  It’s not much but it’s sustainable, and something I can do.