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Lich's Tomb, Gothic Turquoise Doublet Necklace

Lich's Tomb, Gothic Turquoise Doublet Necklace

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One of a Kind (OOAK)

Materials:  Sterling Silver & CZ

Measurements: 1 1/2" long by 1" wide.  These pendants will come on an 18" chain with a 4" extender.

My favorite way to create is to give the impression without being too literal. I originally designed the ivy vines to pair with tombstones. I love New Orleans and am often inspired by its rich and varied history. I wanted to pay homage to the esoteric crypts.  Keep an eye out for more unique, one-of-a-kind offerings.

In fantasy fiction, a lich is an undead creature often depicted as a spellcaster who uses magical means to defy death. The word "lich" comes from the Old English word līċ, which means "corpse." Liches are sometimes depicted using a magical device called a phylactery to anchor their souls to the physical world, allowing them to rise again if their body is destroyed.

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