Size 6.5 Emerald Cut Warboy

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This ring is made and ready for your choice of gem as shown.  Either a pink Kunzite or a lovely emerald cut greenish blue or dark rainbow (not shown) Moissanite

A note about the moissanites, it is a lab created gorgeous colorful Moissanite.  Each of these is one of a kind, as seen from the photos, each batch is a little different   It could definitely be used as an alternative of beat engagement ring.  The Moissanite looks just like a natural diamond, without the price tag.

The band is made from hand forged recycled silver.

This is one of my most requested ring designs in my "Beautiful Darkness" series.  It features a darker designs.  These are darker rustic pieces and not meant to be bright shiny and perfect.  They are perfect in their imperfections.  The flaws are beautiful.

All creations start life as a raw solid sterling silver and is build from the ground up to fit each stone.  

Metal: 100% Sterling Silver & 14kt Gold

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