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Sale! High Priestess of the Black Rose

Sale! High Priestess of the Black Rose

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I am super reluctant to put this beauty on sale.  She's massive.  But "here the f*ck we are!"  She's a bitty sale of 20% and only until I come to my senses and keep her myself.  Really with the current silver prices at $30+ she should be around $1k.  But thats a whole a$$ home payment.  So no.  Just no.

"Black rose high priestess

Mystic whispers in the night

Dark petals unfold."

She is a very dramatic hand-crafted Sterling Silver art nouveau Avant Garde statement necklace.  

Absolutely one of a kind

Materials:  Sterling Silver, European Crystal, and Vintage Glass

Measurements: 3 5/8" tall by 1 1/2" wide, on a 16" chain with a 4" extender.  I am happy to adjust the chain at no additional cost.  Just ask.

I build my designs starting on the computer.  I create 3D component pieces that I 3D print, then send off to be molded and cast in Sterling.  I use those individual design ideas to create any number of ideas.  At this time, I do not cast complete pieces.  So, it requires me to solder and create each limited edition or one-of-a-kind.  I love the uniqueness of handmade pieces and the artistic freedom creating this way allows.  

The black glass rose is a Vintage glossy solid black rose cameo.  The crystals are the European crystal with an S name.  All the sterling has been designed and created by yours truly.  I even recycle sterling and roll it out into sheets.  I love the battle scars from recycling my own silver that I intentionally leave them so they can tell their own tale.  

This is a massive piece. She has hoop earrings with crystal drops that dancing with you. I am utterly in love.


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